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Association of German Glassblowers

The Verband Deutscher Glasbläser e.V. is a politically independent association for the protection of professional interests and promotion of the exchange of experience among its members since its foundation in 1972. Annual conferences are held at which lectures and practical demonstrations as well as company tours are offered. Exhibitors, handicrafts, specialist books, glass processing machines, tools, etc. accompany these seminars.  A quarterly trade journal (VDG-Nachrichten) is also published with information, tips and tricks on the subject of glass.

Der Vorstand des VDG

Peter Schweifel


Peter Schweifel trained as a glass instrument maker at the University of Münster. He stayed there for eight years, then left the profession for three years and worked as the head of a youth education center and at the same time as a youth education officer. But he returned to his real love, the glass apparatus construction. National and international contacts in glass apparatus construction are important to him. In this way, he succeeds in recognizing developments in glass apparatus construction and helping to shape them.


Anja Reynolds

1. Deputy Chairperson

Anja Reynolds is also one of the familiar faces in the VDG. Already in 2003 she was active on the board as an editor and helped to shape the association newspaper. After replacing Robert Wölfl as cashier and taking care of the cash register for two years, she has been facing new challenges since 2019.


Christina Moraitis

Secretary / 2nd Deputy Chairwoman

Christina Moraitis discovered her love for glass more than 30 years ago during her training in the technical field of a large container glassworks in northern Germany (then PLM, now ARDAGH). After studying stones & earths (glass, ceramics, binders & building materials) at the TU Clausthal and intermediate stations in Greece and England, she has now been a teacher of glass technology and chemistry at the Wertheim Vocational School Centre for many years, and since 2010 also head of the commercial vocational school with the glass department.


Gerhard Domnik

1. Beiratssprecher

After his apprenticeship as a glass apparatus manufacturer and three other stations, Laborglas Miethke, Gbr. Rettberg and the master school in Hadamar, Gerhard Domnik has been employed by PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co.KG since 1995 and continues to be entrusted with the training and management of the department. He has been a member of the VDG since 1991 and for a large part of this time he has been a member of the advisory board and 1st advisory board spokesman.


Marius Gertz

2. Beiratssprecher

Anyone who has already got to know Marius knows that he is passionate about his profession in the truest sense of the word. In the summer of 2018, he successfully passed the final examination as a glass apparatus manufacturer and has been working at the University of Kassel ever since. He was elected to the Advisory Board in September 2018 and to the Board a few weeks later by the Advisory Boards.


Sebastian Sander


Sebastian Sander passed the journeyman's examination in 2006 and worked for several years in glass research at the Fraunhofer Institute in Würzburg after completing his studies. He has been working at BSZ Wertheim since 2015 and teaches the next generation of our profession.

He passed on his post as 1st Deputy Chairman to Anja Reynolds at the 2019 General Assembly and has been taking care of the association's finances ever since.


Sabine Hesz-Kahl


Sabine Hesz-Kahl has been supporting the VDG in the office since February 2018 in the administration of member data. It is available for e-mail correspondence, inquiries, correspondence and on the telephone. There are organizational tasks, such as .B the annual dispatch of membership fee invoices. The preparation and implementation of the conferences with the conference office is also one of their tasks.



The position of editor on the Executive Board is currently vacant. In the coming elections, the office will be re-occupied.


Openness, transparency and representation of the interests of all VDG members are important points of our board work for us. Our cooperation should be constructive, goal-oriented and comprehensible for everyone. In a professional association like the VDG, ALL members are of great importance, each individual has his professional competence, no matter whether young or old.

The youth in the association is our future, so we want to promote and strengthen it. An internship abroad? The start of your professional life? European funding programmes, such as ERASMUS, XCHANGE or LEONARDO DA VINCI, help with the organisation and financing, we support the youth with our experience that we have already gained in this area. Together with the youth representatives and their ideas, we will be able to implement good youth work.

Für eine zielorientierte, vielfältige Arbeit, sind die älteren Mitglieder des VDG wichtig. Ihr Fachwissen und ihre Lebenserfahrung können unsere Gemeinschaft nur bereichern.
Die gemeinsamen Erfahrungen sind wesentlich für die Ausrichtung des Verbandes.

It is important to us to strengthen the national and international reputation of the VDG. The professional exchange with colleagues from other countries is very exciting and brings us a variety of experiences on our way to our own professional future. We have already gained many positive experiences in this area and are pleased that other VDG members also support us with their national and international experience.

We are for an open, transparent community, for an association that lives from its members, their expertise, their personal skills and the passion of each individual member for his profession.

We are passionate about our profession and for the association, we would like to share this passion with all members.