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The Council of Elders

According to § 9 of our Articles of Association, our tasks are as follows:

  • To work for a good club life in the sense of the association's statutes and the tradition of the association
  • Dispute settlement and examination of complaints
  • Contact with older colleagues
  • Examination of proposals for honorary membership, awarding of honorary prizes and badges of honour as well as condolences to deceased members.


We will always work according to these principles. If you need to talk in any way in the above points or would like to give us hints, please contact us. Every contact is kept absolutely confidential.
With collegial greetings
Reinhard Börner, Eckhard Martin, Reiner Kahl, Rudi Knauer, Jürgen Quack

Contact to the Council of Elders: juergen.quack[at]

Reinhard Börner
Rudi Knauer






Eckart Martin
Jürgen Quack
Reiner Kahl