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Contact person for the VDG youth

Young people have a very high priority in the VDG. Because we all know how we have gained our experience, knowledge and skills in dealing with glass. Some were a little painful, others were quick and easy, often you needed a lot of patience and sweat. In the end, the fascination for the material glass remained, which is why it was worthwhile to continue. The exchange with each other, the learning of experienced people and curiosity have proven to be good companions. We, the youth representatives and the entire VDG are always trying to respond to your concerns during and after your apprenticeship.

Britta Schreiber

Britta Schreiber

Britta Schreiber has been a glass apparatus manufacturer since 2008. Shortly after her training, she set off for self-employment. In 2017, she won the championship title. She has been a member of the association since 2004 and has been active as a youth representative since 2009. With her creativity, she tries to arouse the interest in the association as well as the enthusiasm for our material among our youth together with the advisory board and the board.

Alexander Fink

Alexander Fink completed his training as a glass apparatus manufacturer at BASF SE, after which he successfully passed the master craftsman's examination in 2000. In 2010 he became an assessor of the master examination committee of the HWK Rheinhessen. His tasks in glass technology at BASF SE include the manufacture of Miniplant glass apparatus, pressure equipment and custom-made products up to NW 300.
He is also a permanent member of quality control. He demonstrates special knowledge in the acidification of glass appliances in full protective suits. He also guides visitors through the glass technology and accompanies the trainees.