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Information about the Film Award 2022

What do we need from you: We need individual film recordings of you, we are happy to edit the film together for you. We are also happy about a final product.  How many individual shots can I send? As many as you want, we will select for you and send the processing back to you for control.


How long can my film screening last? Consider, a video that is too long becomes boring. Highlight the interesting. The viewers have specialist knowledge and think along with them. What can I film with? With your mobile phone, a camera and a video camera



  • Go to your shots with the idea that your film should tell something
  • Scenes, like a keyword: These are short film sequences, about 3 seconds long. 
  • Scenes that tell: These are longer film sequences. You can always cut something out.
  • Your object must be exposed as well as possible. A difficult task! Adjust the focus of your recording device precisely. Certainly you have to readjust more often.
  • You can guide your camera around the object, making it look more three-dimensional and the viewer can better estimate the size of the object. 
  • But BEWARE: Tracking shots always only in one direction, never back and forth, or up and down. Changes of direction result in a change of topic. 
  • Or place the camera one after the other in different positions. The viewing angle change can then create in the cut.
  • Absolutely avoid panning
  • No fast movements  
  • Keep the recording device as quiet as possible.

Where to put the recordings? And where can I ask?

All under

Who will see the film later?

All interested participants of the conference 2022. And with your consent, we will put your idea on the homepage of the VDG and / or publish it in our journal. Gladly also with contact details of you, so that the professional world from home and abroad can contact you. The film will then become an advertisement for you free of charge and will increase your contacts in the world of work.  

What does film award mean?

The best get a prize because it's just great that you participate and thus make a contribution to our conference 2022, from which all our colleagues also benefit.

Why does the VDG want films?

There are many reasons for this. For us the most important:

  • The Association of German Glassblowers will be 50 years old next year. An anniversary event is imminent and we want to make it particularly beautiful and exciting! Films from our professions are a wonderful enrichment.

  • in the event that we can't hold a physical, but only a digital anniversary event (which we hope not), films would be a wonderful enrichment.

  • In the run-up to the event, we would like to release films, because we celebrate all year round. On all public and social media, we can draw attention to our professions with the help of the films, make the VDG even better known,
    Parts of these films can certainly be used for teaching at school. Trainees (and not only those) should be able to download films to learn things that do not exist in their company or simply to learn other techniques.


We look forward to seeing you, your film team  

Mara Schwanke
Leonie Heuser
Anja Reynolds
Fenja Lüderitz
Karin Rein
Yves Steinmann
Thomas Nieß