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50 Years Association of German Glassblowers & Conference 2022

50 Years Verband Deutscher Glasbläser e.V. & Symposium 2022

In the International Year of Glass


The VDG has been the expert in all things glass for their members since 1972.
It stands for:
-   Knowledge and technology all about glass
-   Education and careers in the glass sector
-   Symposia with presentations – tours of businesses – workshops - exhibitions
-   Information all about glass, brought to you by the VDG-News and on social media
The diversity and singularity of the VDG is a result of the teamwork of our members, their elected committee members, and their participation in the world of glass, in the developments and in the happenings within our association. Of course, this is also by fault of the cooperation und support of well-known companies that center around glass.
One task of the VDG is to take the reputation and worth of all glassblower professions to the outside, to accompany their technological and creative development and to guarantee a lively professional exchange. This is our task not only in the past but also in the present, and with many perspectives that point the way to the future.
Our association has turned 50 and that in the year of glass. There isn’t a nicer way to celebrate your professional life and our association!
That’s why we are celebration our birthday throughout the year and especially during the


                                       Symposium 2022 -  22. to 24. September


in Weilburg at and with the company Arnold.
In actuality, the symposium celebration will already begin one week earlier. A round trip beginning at the 60-Year celebration of the BSSG and attended by ca. 30 participants from around the world will start by bus from Leeds, go through England and France to the German symposium, visiting many companies, a school and other sights worth seeing along the way.
The symposium will surely be the highlight of our birthday celebration. It will offer lots of information, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, presentation, banquet evening, and big and small surprises.
Because of the pandemic, we regrettably have to ask for understanding in case of updates and changes that may come last minute. We have been planning this celebration fort wo years and the pandemic has already and still may influence a large number of preparations.
However, please be sure that the responsible people are doing everything that they possibly can to keep this celebration as on track as possible.
We will keep you updated via our website, the VDG-News and social media and hope for us all, that our plans can take place exactly as we wish.
We are here for you:
Board, Advisory Council and Advisory Council of Elders




for the Symposium of VDG from 24.09. to 26.09.2020 in Weilburg


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