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1972 Founding meeting of the Association of German Glassblowers

A press release from the Wilhelminian period reads:
The founding meeting was attended by 44 interested parties. In his welcoming remarks, Gerd Farbig regretted the backwardness of German glassblowers in working technique, further development, further training and opportunities for advancement compared to colleagues in countries with "glassblowing associations" (e.B. USA, England, Netherlands). This is mainly due to the lack of contact with each other and the almost medieval secrecy of the developed working methods.

1973 First voice of the association

It is an unbound booklet that will be published in October 1975 as a supplement in the "techglas".

1975 First edition of VDG-N published

During the 4th Annual General Meeting in Cologne, the first edition of the crouched VDG news was presented.
This had the format DIN A5 and comprised 16 pages.

1982 The first anniversary: 10 years of VDG

On 18 and 19 May 1982, the training seminar took place in Bad Alexanderbad. Part of this conference was a visit to the "Röhrenziehwerk" and the "Antikglashütte" in Mitterteich.
On the first evening of the conference in 1982, his colleague Heinz Richter gave a laudatory speech in verse form on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the VDG. This starts with:

If you create a lifetime with glass, oh believe me, an infinite cross is that!
That starts with the top draw. Can you do that after a lot of effort?
Continue with assembling, blowing floors, bending spirals And getting the ball round.
The first apparatus flies around your ears with horror – all the shreds!
Nothing helps all your anger, you sit down and start all over again.
But this also happens to old hands who blow glass for a lifetime!
Therefore: If you create a lifetime with glass, O believe me, an infinite cross is that!

1986 The VDG becomes International

On August 28, 1986, the third international glassblowing conference begins in Nuremberg. This is the first international conference organized under the direction of the VDG. Karl-Heinz Gauer was chairman and responsible at that time. More than 360 participants came – most of them from abroad. In addition to Germany, 9 countries were represented.

1988 The first workshop

As part of the VDG training seminar in Rheinbach, a VDG workshop takes place for the first time on 14 May 1988. Until now, the program had always focused on visits and specialist lectures. But of course, an important goal of the VDG is the exchange and transfer of practical skills. No wonder, then, that the workshop was very well received by the participants.

1990 United Germany

A highlight for the VDG was the reunification on October 3, 1990. Quote from the then chairman Karl-Heinz Gauer:
"... because since that date we can really and rightly call ourselves "Association of German Glassblowers". The great interest of our colleagues from the east of our republic contributed a lot to the enormous upswing in our country."

1997 25 years VDG

On 11 September 1997, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the VDG, an international conference takes place in Stromberg. The interest is great and attracts many colleagues from all over the world. The conference is organized under the direction of the then chairman Reinhold Reeb. The question remains controversial as to whether Reinhold's international conference in 1997 or that of his predecessor, Karl-Heinz Gauer in Nuremberg in 1986, had more participants. Crucially, however, both conferences have helped the VDG to achieve an international reputation and contributed to international cooperation.

1998 First website and renaming

On 27 June 1998, the VDG ventured into new territory. The first VDG website goes online. This was an important step – what is a matter of course today was really the entry into the media world back then. Webmaster was Klaus Paris. The small icons in the form of an Arnold Brenners were created by Konstantin Kraft.
In addition, the Vereinigung Deutscher Glasbläser e.V. was renamed the Verband Deutscher Glasbläser e.V. (Association of German Glassblowers). Over the years, the tasks of the VDG had changed massively, so that it became a professional association.

2007 International Glassblowing Symposium

After a long period of preparation and many grey hairs, the "European Glassblower Symposium" will begin in Veldhoven on 6 June 2007. For the first time in the history of the VDG, a conference was organized together with other associations (Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain) and filled with life. It was also the first conference to take place outside Germany. A success. An exhibition hall with gigantic dimensions, over 500 participants from all over the world.

2012 40 years VDG

On September 14, 2012, we celebrated 40 years of VDG in Berlin. A special thank you goes to the Technical University of Berlin and its President, Prof. Jörg Steinbach as well as the members of the VDG, who supported this event in a special way. And we would like to thank all those who have accompanied, supported and shaped us all these years.

2013 11 years on the Executive Board

On Friday, September 13, 2013, Konsatntin Kraft officially resigned from the office of 1st Chairman.
With him went a great glassblower who was always there for the members and always stood up for the association.