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Vocational training

It is a recognised training occupation under the Vocational Training Act. The three-year training takes place mainly in the training company and in the vocational school. You can choose between three disciplines:

  • Glass design
  • Christmas ornament
  • Artificial eyes

Contents and procedureAccording to the training framework plan, trainees learn at least the following skills:


General training objectives

  • Vocational training, labour and collective bargaining law
  • Structure and organisation of the training company
  • Safety and health at work
  • Environmental protection
  • Plan and prepare workflows, as well as control and evaluate work results
  •  Insertion, maintenance and servicing of work equipment, tools, equipment, machines and system
  • Cutting and forming of glass rods and glass tubes
  • Joining and forming glass rods and glass tubes
  • Manufacture of hollow glass articles
  • Moulds of solid glass articles


Specialisation in glass design

  • Production of hollow glass animals in different sizes and positions
  • Production of utility and decorative glasses with décor in different sizes
  • Production of sophisticated glass sculptures according to predefined and own designs

Specialisation Christmas tree decorations

  • Manufacture of sophisticated Christmas tree decorations, free-formed or blown into moulds
  • Finishing Christmas tree decorations 

Specialisation Artificial Eyes

  • Shaping iris and pupil
  • Making the eye shape



After completing their vocational training, the graduates mainly work in small companies in the skilled trades, usually in the artisanal individual or series production.

Continuing vocational training

Qualification and specialization opportunities
Participation in courses, courses or seminars, e.B. on occupational safety, environmental protection, training of trainers, materials and warehousing, basic commercial or IT knowledge

Advanced training (according to appropriate professional practice)

  • Industrial foreman in the field of glass
  • Technician specialising in glass technology