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Become a member of the VDG

Join exchange

  • Annual conferences with lectures, exhibitions, and factory tours, practical workshops with technical and handicraft demonstrations, as handicraft or with glass processing machines. Explaining tools and presenting textbooks accompany the seminars.
  • International contacts, the establishment of networks are promoted as well as the convivial get-together on the "banquet evening".
  • In the social networks Facebook and Instagram of the association, you can share your knowledge with professional colleagues in the groups, apparatuses – art and education.
  • On our website you will learn everything you need to know about our professions


Participation / Co-determining / Helping

  • Your profession is represented by the Association of German Glassblowers
  • You can represent your profession and have a joint say in the general meetings.


Among other things, the membership fee includes

  • The quarterly journal.
  • Reduced seminar fees.
  • Representation of the glassblowing professions in all important matters.


Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft

Membership Declaration

Please fill out the application form by post or e-mail to:

Verband Deutscher Glasbläser e.V.
Sabine Hesz-Kahl
Im Laufer 26
97892 Kreuzwertheim


Apprentices are exempt from contributions.Membership fee: € 75.00 per year, bill payer +10% additional reimbursement. Fiscal year is the calendar year, monthly offsetting of the contribution is not possible. Membership includes the receipt of VDG messages.

§ 3 Membership
1. Any natural person who works in the professional field of "glass" can become an active member. The admission procedure is regulated by the Executive Board.
2. Any natural or legal person under private and public law as well as authorities, companies and associations who are interested in the objectives and tasks of the association and are willing to promote the association may become a supporting member if they cannot become a full member.