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Benvenuti a Seregno a Soffieria Sestese S.r.l. in Italia

Welcome to Seregeno at Soffieria Sestese S.r.l. in Italy


So close by, so much outstanding quality. With this report, we take a look at our neighbouring country Italy, specifically towards Seregno, north of Milan. The company Soffieria Sestese was founded in 1984 as a glass manufacturer specializing in the production of glass apparatus made from borosilicate glass 3.3 and quartz components, as well as standard and customized installations. The staff, composed of technicians, glassblowers, assemblers and managers, forms a highly specialized and strong team, able to expertly coordinate and integrate production processes. The competence of the glassblowers for the processing of borosilicate glass 3.3 is documented by specific testing. All products are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Soffieria Sestese continuously implements the best techniques and develops projects in partnership with universities and other research institutions.

VDGN 3/2021

The company introduces itself

Soffieria Sestese expresses its skill in glassblowing and glass processing.
Process engineering combined with a focus on the customer is the added value that distinguishes and enriches us in the international market.
We are an efficient company with extensive qualified experience in the production of borosilicate glass 3.3. All products are designed and manufactured according to standard or custom features for the international chemical, pharmaceutical, goldsmith, mechanical and engineering industries, as well as resellers from all over the world. We manage every step of the production cycle, from design to shipping and installation, and follow the highest standard of certifications in this industry. We offer consulting and support services, customized and flexible production, and maintenance and assistance. We are the market leader in Italy and are known as one of the most reliable partners in Europe. Our staff, composed of highly trained and qualified technicians, is able to coordinate and integrate all required tasks. Our products are designed and manufactured by them to meet the needs of our customers. We offer standard components and equipment as well as customized designs and experimental solutions according to the customer's specifications.
Soffieria Sestese also has a production line dedicated exclusively to smaller products. The products manufactured by us are suitable for all laboratory requirements.

From manufacturing to customer service, the complete process:

The development and manufacturing process includes research and design of the optimal solution, in cooperation with the company managers. This phase is followed by the production of the apparatus, after which factory acceptance testing is carried out directly in our laboratories. Our proximity to the customer extends to after-sales support, including maintenance contracts that provide for scheduled reviews of the control systems. The apparatus is then transported and tested at the customer's site, where site acceptance testing is carried out. The support also extends to emergencies: We guarantee rapid intervention by our technicians within 24 hours of notification 7 days a week.


In Soffieria Sestese, we build customized systems and work on standardized projects that must be implemented in a way that meets all requirements.



Our motto is "craft". To be able to build more and more complex and efficient systems is one of our daily challenges. The glass blowing shop covers the entire range of standard, specialized and custom products up to DN 600, capacity up to 400 litres, according to our own standard and according to international market standards.
·        Distillation systems
·        Grinding systems
·        Crystallization systems
·        Dissolving plants
·        Reduction pillars
·        Nutsche filters / chromatography columns - glove box pilot reactors
·        Plug and Play systems







A glassblower at work on the lathe
A custom production


With the help of the workshop and all the experienced staff, each apparatus takes shape under the careful supervision of the project manager.

Instrumental laboratory

Electrical and electronic equipment is built to ensure proper management, functionality and data collection of borosilicate glass 3.3 equipment.
Technician assembling an apparatus
Bends, tees, cross pieces. All parts available from DN 15 - 600 acc. to EN 12585 with flat and conical flange design, as well as with sleeves and cores. Also available with coating concept for more safety in use.


In Soffieria Sestese we also take care of packaging. Proper packaging is important to ensure safe transportation to the factory without damage.


Shipping is entrusted to partners with proven expertise, enabling on-time delivery of the highest quality.

Quality Assurance

The apparatus are tested during the assembly step in Soffieria Sestese (FAT Factory Acceptance Test) and then again at the customer site (SAT Site Acceptance Test).

The support

The Soffieria Sestese support team is at your disposal 24 hours a day. During the contract phase it is possible to set a schedule for maintenance checks.


Spare parts and repairs

In addition to our manufacturing activities, we supply our customers with standard or customized spare parts. Our spare parts are manufactured according to international standards from new and old catalogues. Thanks to our qualified international forwarding agents, we can guarantee on-time delivery worldwide.
Our repair service is a further branch of our business. We also offer scheduled maintenance contracts for standard or customized equipment, including that of other companies. Our mechanical department is excellently equipped and qualified to work on every detail of our customers' equipment, and to adapt and/or assemble plastic or steel components.

Our global network

We export our products all over the world. We are particularly active in the European market, as well as established in developing countries and in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, we are now in a position to extend our expertise to the Asian market. We are also expanding the presence of our representatives in various countries in order to stabilize long-term relationships with our customers


Soffieria Sestese in collaboration with the Lycée Dorian Paris vocational school.

The editorial team became aware of the company Soffieria Sestese through a post on Facebook by the Lycée Dorian Paris vocational school. David Valls, one of the three vocational school teachers posted about their students’ internship visit there. Curious, I asked David: What kind of company is this? And how did these internships abroad come about? From this, a very uncomplicated, friendly and courteous contact with Soffieria Sestese developed, which gave us an insight into the company, in addition to David Valls’ stories about the co-operation with the school and the associated beautiful experiences.
The team of Soffieria Sestese with the vocational teacher David Valls, center left, and Benoit Darrieutort, center right, of the Lycée Dorian Paris vocational school.
Trainees at work during internship and part of the team of Soffieria Sestese at work
The relationship between Dorian vocational School and Soffieria Sestese is friendly, almost familial. This friendship with Dorian vocational School is very old. It was born during a BSSG symposium in the 80s..or the 90s? In fact, none of the people involved is quite sure anymore, -David tells the editor-. In any case, at one of the English Glassblowing Symposiums, Bernadette and Roberto agreed with Jean-François Boutry, David Valls' teacher at the time, that they wanted to firmly integrate internships for apprentices in the professional world.
At one of the traditional symposia of the BSSG, which took place either in Glasgow or Edinburgh (since noone really knows anymore, we’ll just call this city Glasburgh!), Mr. Jean-François Boutry, former teacher at the Dorian glassblowing school, met Bernadette and Roberto during the evening gala. They got to know each other (probably over a glass of Scotch whisky) and talked about internships for apprentice glassblowers in companies as an introduction to the professional and educational world. This resulted in Bernadette and Roberto's proposal to host students from Dorian vocational School in their company for a certain period of time in order to offer the students these insights and thus a look beyond their own nose.
After some years of administrative work, the project was concretized thanks to the ERASMUS plus program of the European Union. Thus, every year since, four young apprentices of the glassblowing workshop of the Lycée Dorian can participate in a two week internship, including room and board in a hotel or youth hostel near their internship places abroad. Soffieria Sestese in Seregno is one of these places.
Since the beginning of this collaboration, we, the teachers in the glassblowing workshop, are obliged to carry out internship visits in the relevant companies, even if they are abroad, as in this case in Italy, on the outskirts of Milan, at the foot of the Italian alps, where the gastronomy, and the landscape are incomparably beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly. And believe me, our colleagues, the teachers of French/Mathematics/History/Geography/Science/etc. envy us a little for that!
But in addition to these very nice moments, these internship visits allow us, above all, to stay in touch with the companies. Thus, year after year, we maintain our friendship with Bernadette, Roberto and the entire team of the company, whose hospitality, kindness and generosity are so extraordinary that our students can experience a truly dedicated dolce vita in Seregno at Soffieria Sestese. We are honored to count Bernadette and Roberto among our friends and we cannot thank them enough for taking such good care of our students
The hospitality, kindness and generosity of the company Soffieria Sestese is so exceptional that our students can experience a truly dedicated dolce vita in Seregno at Soffieria Sestese. In the background: the students and the team, front left: Bernadette, center: David Valls and Benoit Darrieutort, the vocational teachers of Dorian, along with other employees.

Soffieria Sestese S.r.l.

Via Riccardo Wagner, 291
P.IVA: 00846850964
C.F.: 07109250154
20831 Seregno (MB)

Tel.: +39 0362 1790991
Fax: +39 0362 1795763
E-mail: info©

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